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Do We Really Need A Wedding Video?

film your own wedding

Many engaged love birds wonder if they should hire a wedding videography team to capture their best day ever.

We say every couple needs a wedding video and consider it as essential as the wedding dress, flowers and champagne. Perhaps we are a little biased since, at Friends Film It, we are obsessed with wedding videos! That is why we created an innovative and affordable wedding video company with a twist.

But first, let us share all the reasons we know you will be happy to have your most precious wedding day memories documented on film.

The Unseen Moments

So many beautiful moments unfold during the wedding day that the couple doesn't see. So having video footage to watch later gives you a glimpse of what happened when you were busy mingling, dancing, or having photos taken.

Getting ready footage shows the behind-the-scenes excitement that goes on when you are usually in different rooms with your side of the bridal party. You spend a large part of the day getting ready, and it's a fun time that deserves to be recorded.

Seeing people dance, hearing entertaining conversations and watching those joyous or tearful moments should be recorded for you and your guests to enjoy. With two video cameras rolling, you won't miss a thing.

Everyone Is Looking Fab

On your wedding day, all your friends and family are glammed up in their finest outfits and looking wonderful. You both look absolutely gorgeous and are probably wearing the most expensive and important fashion looks ever, so there's no better time to document everyone on film.

Faded Memories

As the wedding anniversaries roll around your memories fade. Your wedding video will refresh your memory so you can relive the blissful day over and over again.

Recording Family History

There is something video can capture that photography can't and that is audio. Hearing loved ones speak is meaningful, especially if they are no longer with you. Many couples wish they had their grandparent's voices on film, but it simply doesn't exist.

With everyone together at your wedding, your video is a modern version of your family tree which will be treasured by you and future generations who may consider it a family heirloom.

Celebrating Anniversaries

Every year on your wedding anniversary, viewing your wedding video will be part of the celebrations. You will rejoice in seeing yourselves tie the knot and reflect on how far you have come since becoming a married couple.

The Regret

Not getting a wedding video is one of the most common regrets couples confess to after they are married. The sorrow of not having video footage can hang around for years, especially on your wedding anniversary. So what are the reasons couples don't book a video?

It usually comes down to budget and shyness about being filmed.

With most couples, one person is outgoing while the other is a little more reserved. Isn't it true? The camera-shy one feels a bit uncomfortable at the thought of being filmed all day.

Budget is the other factor, and it would be great to have a massive Beyonce-sized budget, but unfortunately, most couples have to consider costs carefully. Often the video is cut.

This is why we launched Friends Film It. Our DIY wedding video business eliminates both issues.

We send the cameras, equipment and a video tutorial on how to film your own wedding to the couple so their friends can film their wedding. Then we professionally edit the footage into a fun wedding video.

Couples are more relaxed with friends documenting the day and the cost is significantly lower than a traditional, professional videography service. We wanted to make wedding videography accessible to everyone because we are passionate about preserving special memories.

Do you know which of your friends might love to take on the task of videographer for your wedding? You probably have the perfect people in mind already!

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