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On your wedding day no one captures the emotion, excitement and laughter better than your own friends and family, so have your FRIENDS Film it!


The concept is simple - we send you two Sony HD camcorders along with a video tutorial on how to film your own wedding; and you choose a few of your trusted friends and family to do the filming on your wedding day...
Instead of a stranger getting in the way with a big camera, you and your guests will feel more at ease being filmed by your friends. They can get up close and personal, capturing all of the romance as well as the fun, dancing and video messages...
Natalie & Mark-128_edited.jpg
After the wedding, we collect the cameras, and use state of the art Mac software to edit the footage into a professional wedding video with your own choice of music and text.​  We have over seven years experience in editing wedding videos, so you can rest assured that we know how to make you your perfect video.
And the best part is that it is affordable! Our wedding video package is only a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional wedding videographer...
...So let your FRIENDS Film it for an affordable, entertaining and FUN wedding video that you and your friends will want to watch again and again!

We don't out-source any of our editing, so you can rest assured that your wedding video will only be edited by an experienced video editor with over seven years video editing experience.

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Tailor your wedding video package to suit your needs, choose from a 1 or 2 camera package and add any extras you require.


Watch Videos

Still not sure? Take a look at some of our example wedding videos and see just how great they are!

"Friends film it have made it affordable for couples to have a video of their special day! To be able to re-live our perfect day through our video is absolutely priceless!"

Rachel Hodgett, February 2016

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