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Who Doesn't Love Wedding Cake?

DIY wedding video

Everyone loves wedding cake, especially decadent chocolate wedding cake! This sweet work of culinary art is so important it has its own moment in the wedding day schedule. In honour of the delicious dessert here is everything you need to know about wedding cakes, including making sure it's captured on your wedding video.

We say a triple-tiered cake is perfect so you can indulge in three flavours and it will look fabulous on the wedding video. A chocolate flavour like red velvet chocolate ganache or chocolate raspberry truffle is great because everyone loves chocolate. Then you might add a layer of your favourite cake and something plain like lemon or vanilla for the guests who like simple desserts.

What will you top your cake with? Fresh flowers to match your floral displays look lovely, or you can customise your topper with your new married name, have bride and groom figures made to represent you both, or you may opt to keep it simple and elegant with no topper at all. Whichever you choose, ask your wedding planner or caterer to put the wedding cake on display early. Everyone goes crazy over getting photos and video of the wedding cake. We always see the guests make a beeline for the cake as soon as it appears in all its sugary glory. Be sure to give everyone time to get their photos and wedding video footage before the MC announces it is time to cut the cake.

When you cut the cake, make sure your DJ has an epic song lined up. Cut the cake gently and take your time to enjoy the sweet moment. Out of all the important captures on your wedding video, this is one of the highlights, so make sure your designated cameramen have a good spot to film it from. Decide beforehand if you are going to be traditional and feed each other a piece of cake or shimmy straight onto the dance floor for the romantic first dance. At that time, the caterer will remove the cake, cut it up and serve it to your guests. Before Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran is over, the first plates of cake will be served to the head table.

Abbie & Sam's Wedding Trailer, featuring the all important cake cutting!

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