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The Benefits of a Small Wedding

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Friends Film it wedding videos

At Friends Film it, we love the romantic notion of a small and intimate wedding. When a couple exchange vows in front of a small group of loved ones, the atmosphere is deeply sentimental and meaningful.

At the wedding ceremony and reception, there is a level of connection between the couple and their wedding guests that isn't possible with a big, lavish affair.

If you are thinking about hosting a small wedding, here are some of the benefits you might not have thought of. By the end, you might be wondering why a small wedding wasn't the plan all along!

At a small wedding, you can spend quality time with all of the guests. Your conversations can be long and meaningful because you don't need to dash off to talk to tables full of people. There is a relaxed feeling floating in the air, knowing the schedule doesn't include long speeches and many formalities.

Your budget is flexible with a small wedding. Without sacrificing any of the luxuries you've dreamed of, you can still save a lot without having the food and drink expense for 100 guests. You might even have a more decadent wedding using the money you've saved. Elaborate florals, pretty fairy lights and the designer wedding dress you fell in love with can all be yours. Or you might splash out on an amazing honeymoon to the Maldives or the Bahamas.

Some more attractive benefits of a small wedding are:

  • They are easier to plan compared to large weddings

  • Intimate weddings are on-trend

  • Fewer time-consuming group photos are needed

  • You have more venues to choose from

  • Small weddings are romantic

Small weddings have turned into a bridal trend that we adore. The pandemic is partly responsible for the renewed popularity of small weddings. Love in the time of Covid hasn't been easy for couples or the wedding industry, but it has increased the popularity of elopements and micro weddings. So we count our blessings and embrace small weddings for the lovely occasions that they are. Your wedding video will show all these precious moments and reflect the romance and intimacy surrounding your wedding day.

One of our favourite recent weddings - Harriet and Will were limited to just 30 guests. To see more of our videos, head to our video examples page.


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